The World's Most Comprehensive Nutrition Tracking App


About Cronometer

Cronometer is the World’s most comprehensive nutrition tracking startup with a mission to provide the tools and data to empower people to make informed health decisions in the simplest way. Their B2C Web and mobile apps sync with the leading health wearable devices allowing their customers to take ownership of their health goals by offering quality, impartial and trustworthy access to accurate, scientific data. They also offer a B2B platform for health professionals to track their clients' health.

Challenges & Opportunities

At the time of this project, Cronometer offered Free (basic features) and Gold (premium features) subscriptions for their app. While Cronometer was successful at attracting and aquiring Free subscribers, conversion and retention rates for Gold subscriptions were less desirable.

Cronometer health and nutrition tracking app mobile app


User Research

Through an indepth discovery process we discovered that Cronometer knew little about their customer segments, including motivations, attitudes, goals, and behaviours. Whether Cronometer was satisfying their customers' needs through their service offering and user experience (UX) was also largely unknown. To learn how to improve their conversion and retention rates it became a strategic necessity to conduct systematic customer development, as well as generative and evaluative user research.


When we had identified the most pivotal business and UX assumptions we devised our research strategy and methodology, including:

  • secondary analysis, including UX / UI heuristic evaluation;
  • a quantitative survey to understand user profile(s);
  • moderated indepth user interviews with pre-screened participants;
  • usability testing; and
  • training, managing, collaborating with Cronometer's team on the user research proccess.
  • Cronometer health and nutrition tracking app Web app

    Research Findings

    Personas & User Journeys

    We are unnable to share the user research findings due to signing an NDA. Below is a snapshot of some of the assets we created, including primary and secondary personas we identified and their respective user journeys. We also provided actionable insights and recommendations for ongoing business development, marketing and UX design.

    Cronometer personas and user journeys snapshot