Well Made Clothes

Well Made Clothes

I reflect on ethical fashion, modelling, slow travel, and mindfulness with Well Made Clothes.

In 2012 I travelled to London and Copenhagen to attend the world's largest sustainable fashion summit. There I met many interesting and passionate people that were leading this movement. Yet when I returned home to Australia I was underwhelmed by what we offered. I understand that Australia has a much smaller industry, but I've always felt that we have a unique design offering and could do more.

Over the past four years I have enjoyed seeing many amazing Australian fashion brands emerging with social and environmental responsibility practices. So many, that I actually find it hard to keep up! Cue Well Made Clothes, an Australian online clothing retailer that's curating so many of our local (and some international) brands into one space. Recently Well Made Clothes asked if I could reflect on modelling, slow travel, mindfulness and ethical fashion for an interview, which you can find by clicking on the button below.

I hope you enjoy reading our conversation!

I believe that the values and attitudes of environmental and social responsibility of fashion - including connection, integrity, kindness, fairness, honesty and so on - are intrinsic human values that we all share no matter where we are from.

Nerida Lennon talks ethical fashion with Well Made Clothes photograph by Agnieszka Chabros

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Thanks to photographer Agnieszka Chabros. for taking my portrait.

Transparency: I was not paid to produce this post.

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What's your take on ethical style? Do have a any mindfulness practices that keep you centred and peaceful? Are you fond of slow travel?

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